Smile! for [Nail Polish] 8ty8beauty

My most recent interest has been nail art. Two reasons:

1. You can make such fantastical designs with them!

2. There’s just so many different colors!

According to a YouTube beauty vlogger Jen (will include her information at the end), her blog says that she bought nail polish from a website called:

I’ve looked around because I’m comparing prices to buy colors for a Despicable Me minion nail design. Already checked two CVS stores, and planning to check Target, Walmart and possibly Walgreens.

Review of

So far in my endeavor, it’s the cheapest price that I’ve seen for nail polishes online and they make it pretty easy to search through. Really considering getting some from this website. (:

Normally a bottle ranges from $6 to $12 retail price. I’m a nooby college student, so I apologize that I can’t afford these bottles and comment on them, even though I think the colors have great potential to say the least. So considering that the bottles from the website are only $3 a bottle, I am definitely going to be searching more on this website to see if there’s anything I can get for future nail designs.

Fun Fact: Even if you’re just browsing around on, you can get a smile out of it when you actually read some of their nail polish names. The one that made me actually LOL was an Orly polish from the Divorcee collection called Take Him To the Cleaners….Pft…Hehe. :3

That’s it for this entry! I apologize for the lack of things to say. It’s my first review and I just wanted to try it out. Please stay tuned for future blog entries! (: I will update when I get my haul for the nail polishes as well as any other haul that I come across.

Smile today!

[Colorful Links]
Jen (frmheadtotoe)
YouTube Channel

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