Smile! for [COD #1]

Hello my smileys! I’m going to try out Outfit of the Day, or commonly known on YouTube as OOTD. Instead though, I’m going to call these COD’s or Colorful Outfit Day. Not to be confused with the fantastical game of Call of Duty. Psst, did I mention that I’m a gamer? (; Anyways, let’s see how this works out!

This past Saturday, I went to Forever 21 and acquired these plaid pants in XS.

Don’t they kind of look like a plaid skirt? Because I am quite petite, I was extremely pleased to find the first belt that fits me without having to create my own hole. Yay! (:

And with that, here it is!

Shirt – CottonOn
Vest – from a friend
Pants – Forever 21

I really like collared button ups, where you can just roll up the sleeves and it transforms the look to something more casual.

With this outfit, I paired it up with suede black heeled boots that I got from Styles for Less. I turned on the flash so that you could see the texture and design of the boot.

This is how I had my hair today, and perhaps I’ll make a tutorial for it later. It’s very easy to do and in my opinion, looks a little anime even! (:
Well that’s it for this COD! (: Hope you enjoyed it.
Smile today!

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