Smile! for [COD #2]

Fall is here! Which means a changing in weather as well as wardrobe pieces, but layering up your clothing, doesn’t mean that it has to make yourself look like a human clothing snowball. Today is the first day of the fall season where it’s rained the whole day, so here’s the outfit I wore today that didn’t make me non-human-clothing-snowball-y and at the same time, quite snuggly buggly.

Purple Cowl Neck Halter Top – from a friend’s Facebook closet sale
Denim Jacket – from a Taiwanese store
Faux Leather Jacket – Forever 21 similar here
Skinny Jeans – Styles for Less
Shoes – Styles for Less

Here’s a close up of my boots.

[Colorful Tip]
Styles for Less has the cheapest skinnies that I have yet to come across. Here is their online selection for skinnies. Most of my skinnies are from there and when you get a VIP card, it’s 10% off every single purchase for the year, which I find very worth while, since I live very close to one. You only pay $5 for the card and then its 10% off every purchase for the whole year and 20% off the purchase you make on the week of your birthday! Click here and scroll to the very bottom for full details.

If the weather lightens up, I can even take off the leather jacket and wear it like this! Yay for rolling up the sleeves! (;

Even if I don’t expect the weather to lighten up, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared for it. Besides, layering jackets don’t always have to look poofy. The whole thing can have a very chic, comfy look to it!

Hope you enjoyed this COD!

Smile today!

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