Smile! for [Nail Polish] Walmart Haul and Review

Happy Friday! How are you all? I went to Walmart yesterday and picked up a few things as well as doing researching for the pricing of nail polish. This is what I picked up!


The total for these two things was $5.71, which I thought wasn’t bad.

I’ve been very eager and looking around for glow in the dark nail polish and when I saw that this one was $2.98, I have to say I was quite excited. On the back of the Salon Perfect bottle they even suggest to “Shake Gently” and “Apply “2-3 coats.” Even though the nail polish container looks like bad packaging, there’s still an average amount of nail polish within the bottle, so no worries there, although I do wish that the packaging design wasn’t so wasteful.

[Colorful Tip] As it turns out, there’s a shelf at Walmart of NYC polish that’s 93 cents. It was quite clear to me that there were many people to took advantage of this cheap pricing considering there were only 4 bottles left on that part of the shelf.


For the cotton pads. They were very soft, but they also come apart quite easily when they’re dry. On the other hand, since they were $2.27 for 160 pads, I’d be willing to go back and buy more when I run out, but ideally, I’d like to try some more brands to see which one is more worth while.

For the glow-in-the-dark nail polish, I discovered ups and downs with it because the friendly suggestion on the back of the bottle “Apply 2-3 coats” is a definite understatement. Even with 3 coats, I couldn’t see the nail polish very well. Normally when I apply nail polish I wipe the application brush on the inside on both sides, but with this nail polish I had to apply about 8 coats while wiping the brush on one side to give my nails a very heavy coat. And even through all that effort, couldn’t get my camera to pick up the glow-in-the-dark effect. Sad. ;^;

[Sidenote] I apologize for the my nails’ appearance, they’re horrendous because when I cut my nails the other day, I cut them rather shorter than I wanted to. Not going to multi-task when I do that next time. So much for cutting nails and watching How I Met Your Mother at the same time………

On the bright side, the polish during the day time doesn’t give your nails a very strange color, it’s a very light, nail-toned color with the small tint of pastel green in some angles. In other angles, it just looks like you just applied clear polish on.

Ideally, this is the polish I’d like to find. (: Isn’t it cool?
That’s it for this haul and review post! Hope it was informative in some way!

Smile today!

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