Smile! for [Nail Tutorial] Leopard Nails

Hello smileys! In a previous post, I mentioned wanting to try out leopard nails and I finally did today!

I’m not sure why, but instead of leopards, they look like golden Dalmatians to me. Or…baby leopards! Hahaha! :9 Here are the steps that I used to achieve this nail art.Step 1: Apply a base coat. If you don’t own base coat, then use clear polish because it’s better than nothing.

Step 2: Put a piece of tape across your nails and firmly check that they’re secure. Apply 3 coats of a beige or light tan color. I used NYC‘s Mulberry Street. (very left)

Step 3: By using a dotting tool (I used a toothpick), dot several dots of gold or brown. I used Revlon‘s Gold Coin.

Step 4: By using the dotting tool again, use black to draw little c’s around the dots of gold/brown. I used Confetti‘s Black Tie.

Step 5 (optional): Apply a very thin coat of sparkle. I used Revlon‘s Gold Coin.

Step 6: Apply a top coat to your nails. If you don’t own top coat, then use a clear polish. This seals all the nail polish in and keeps it lasting longer.

Then you’re done! Ready to go out and prowl the city! (;

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I’m really considering making a YouTube video since this doesn’t catch the actual process in the best way. I’m also considering trying out gradient nails. It seems very simple and classy, and after watching Jen from fromheadtotoe‘s tutorial, it’s become a part of my to do list.

gradient nails by fromheadtotoe

This nail art was inspired off of two of my favorite leopard nails that I found on YouTube.

leopard nails by cutepolish

leopard nails by IHaveACupcake at 1:25

For more of these ladies’ nail art, I’ll link their information in the Colorful Links section below. That’s it for this entry! (:

Smile today!

[Colorful Links]
Jen from frmheadtotoe
YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel

Elizabeth Celis from IHaveACupcake
YouTube Channel
Etsy store

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