Smile! for [COD #3]

Even though fall is here, that doesn’t mean very much on the west coast. Today the highest temperature was about 99 degrees Fahrenheit where I am and I’ve had a few friends tell me that it burned about 104 degrees Fahrenheit where they were. With that weather report in mind, I decided to be very aware of the predicted hateful heat and put this outfit on.

Ruffly Leopard Print Tank – Styles for Less
Skinny Jeans – from a friend’s Facebook closet sale
Sara Buchanan Heels – Kohl’s

Here’s a close up of my heels. I had my Confetti The Red Carpet colored toesies give the outfit a pop of color.

[Colorful Tip]
Kohl’s is quite pricey most of the time, but when they have sales I think it’s worth looking into. The heels that I’m wearing today were on sale and were about $20-$30. Since finding shoes that are my size and actually look decent on me is quite difficult, (and considering I would like to expand my footwear options to add casual heels) I bought them.

Anyways, that’s it for this COD! I hope that you’re not caught in the weather’s mood swings.

Smile today!

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