Smile! for [Colorful Links] Halloween Edition

Halloween is coming up! The holiday of candy collecting and colorful costumes! Even if there are multiple costume boutiques that open for this fun event, there are many websites you can go to save money. Here are some of the places I’ve stumbled across and I like to go to look around for costumes.

Corsets, lace and frills! Oh my! Yandy is more often thought of for their lingerie section, but their selections also include shoes, wigs, stockings, clubbing dresses and of course…costumes!

Since Halloween is in season, Yandy also made many videos to show their wide selection of costumes. It’s like your own personal runway! Right now for Yandy there is an event that goes up to 75% off for costumes. Some even go for below $20!


2. Milanno
Milanno’s tagline is Passion for Fashion, and it certainly seems so. From cheap wedding dresses to even home decor, Milanno is certainly one of the websites that I window shop at a lot because of their frequent sales, Daily Madness deals, and codes that take quite a percentage off.

Milanno is definitely also friendly to cosplayers, since they have a section dedicated just to cosplay! Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Fruits Basket, Final Fantasy…the list goes on and on! (: At the moment, there’s a section just for Halloween shoppers to make your shopping experience easier to pick the perfect costume for you. They also even have a Halloween countdown in the top right corner to give you a good time frame.


3. Discount Women’s Dress Shoes (DWD Shoes)
Usually people turn to them for cheap dress shoes, like their name promises, but what many don’t know is their selection for clothing and the highlight for today, costumes!

[Sidenote] I found an even cheaper Belle costume on this website. If this information seems very random to you, please read a previous blog entry that I had written about Disney Princess Nails.

Even if the costume selection for DWD is smaller than other stores, their Leg Avenue costumes, which can go up to $60 in pricing, go for considerably cheaper. Check it out! (:


4. Facebook Boutiques
There are plenty of Facebook online shops now. Some of my friends own one as well and it isn’t hard to understand why since Facebook is such a big part of our lives today.

For example, this year’s Halloween costume for me is from a boutique called Jessie Shops. Her shop is an example of one of the places that sells the Leg Avenue designs for $60, but that isn’t the focus for why I’m sharing her shop. In her Halloween album, Jessie Shops also has olden Chinese amazingly detailed outfits with updated, cheaper prices. Check out her store! (:

[Sidenote] I’m actually going to meet up with her today to get my costume! ^^ Haha, crossing my fingers on the fit!

Hope all of these sites helped you out! Happy shopping! (:

Smile today!

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