Smile! for [COD #4 ]

Yesterday morning, the roads were all foggy! Last night was pretty chilly too, so I figured since today I’m going to be out all day it wouldn’t hurt to layer up! (Neither would it hurt to throw on a scarf.)

Striped Two Layer Top – Papaya
Cardigan – Express
Skinny Jeans – Styles For Less
Scarf – Styles For Less

I’m pairing this outfit with my grey Converse today. [Sidenote] My feet are so small that I had to buy a kid’s size 3. Oh wells! At least they were cheaper!

[Colorful Tip]
Express is expensive for their regular retail prices, but rightly so because their quality is really nice. Also if you don’t mind looking through their Clearance section, there’s some pretty good deals there. I bought this purple Cardigan for $23.99 and it was originally $50, so I’m not complaining. Express is also having their semi-annual Clearance sale right now. I think it’s worth looking into. I will also add a helpful link in the Colorful Links section if you like what you see. (;

[Colorful Tip]
Papaya has very affordable, stylish clothing. Many clothing pieces in my closet from there. Even better is when they have things on sale. (; Happy shopping!

Stay warm!

Smile today!

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