Smile! for [Colorful Trends] Colorblocking: Intro

Welcome to Colorful Trends! (:

This is where we go over trends and discover how to incorporate them into our outfits to express ourselves! Each trend is going to have an intro and then entries afterwards that go over them, but don’t worry! If you miss the introduction, I will include all the parts in the Colorful Links section below. Are you ready? Let’s get started! (:

Our very first trend that we’re going to go over is colorblocking. Colorblocking is a technique that brings the colors on the color wheel into your environment. This technique isn’t only used in fashion. It’s also used to paint walls, interior design purposes and even scrapbooking!

To explain colorblocking, I’m going to use the color wheel to help explain the color combinations. There are three main colorblocking combinations used in fashion. And they aaaare (drumroll….)

Analogous colors are colors that are similar hues that touch on the color wheel. For example, referring to the color wheel above, red-violet, violet and blue-violet would be analogous colors.

Complementary colors are across from each other on the color wheel. For example, if yes was blue, no would be orange. They’re on the opposite sides from each other.

Triadic colors are three evenly spaced colors on the color wheel. For example, red, yellow and blue would be triadic colors. Green, orange and purple are also triadic colors.

[Colorful Tip] Red, yellow and blue are primary colors, while green, orange and purple are secondary colors! (: Some knowledge for yah!

Now that you’re informed about the three main colorblocking combinations, I’ll update entries about each one, and providing examples of each one with examples from my closet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find good enough examples because my wallet glares at me quite often, so I may not be able to find all the colors. But I’ll try my best! (:

Hope you learned something from this entry. That’s it for now! Stay tuned as we step into the world of colorblocking soon! (:

Smile today!

[Colorful Links]
Colorblocking: Synchronize and Analogize (Analogous Colors)

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