Smile! for [Nail Tutorial] Disney Princess: Week 3

It’s Disney Princess nails time and this week is week 3! Today’s princess nails are inspired by Rapunzel from the movie Tangled!

Step 1: Apply a base coat. If you don’t own base coat, then use clear polish because it’s better than nothing.Step 2: Apply a dark purple on 1/3 of your nail from the bed. I used Orly‘s Purple Velvet.

[Colorful Tip] Orly‘s Purple Velvet comes out matte, for other uses to get a glossy image, use a clear coat afterwards.

Step 3: Using a dotting tool (I used a toothpick), draw vertical pink lines on the purple stripe you’ve drawn, so that it alternates purple-pink-purple-pink. I used Wet n Wild‘s Tickled Pink. This pattern will represent Rapunzel’s sleeves.

Step 4: Apply lavender or periwinkle to then fill in the rest of your nail. I used Essie‘s Lapiz of Luxury.

Step 5: Using a dotting tool (I used a sewing pin), draw two vertical light pink lines down the lavender/periwinkle part of your nail that separates it to about three equal parts. I used Wet n Wild‘s Tickled Pink.

[Colorful Tip] Many art enthusiasts use toothpicks and bobby pins to apply details to their nail art designs, but I have found an even smaller tool to apply details, a sewing pin! Sewing pins would be for very, important, but tiny details that are very difficult to apply onto the nail. When using a sewing pin, make sure the very tip of the pin is dipped in polish and lightly draw on the top of the polish layer. If you press too hard, it will cut through the nail polish layer underneath and that isn’t flattering. Be careful and don’t poke yourself!

Step 6: Using the same dotting tool and color, carefully draw two X’s between the light pink vertical lines. These X’s are the criss-crossing ribbons that are on Rapunzel’s dress

Step 7: Again, using the same dotting tool and color, carefully draw an infinite sign above the two X’s. This will be a bow! (:

Step 8: Apply a top coat to your nails. If you don’t own top coat, then use a clear polish. This seals all the nail polish in and keeps it lasting longer.

[Colorful Tip] For the rest of my nails, I just applied my La Vie’s Dolores on them, so that only my thumb was the detailed nail. It’s a pastel purpley color. I couldn’t find their website nor a website that carried their nail polish, but I had purchased it in a local nail salon for $3.

Here’s a close-up on the finished design!

That’s it for Rapunzel inspired nails! I hope that maybe after wearing these nails, you’ll be able to “at last..see the light”! (; By the way, here’s designer doll Rapunzel!

Smile today!

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