Smile! for [Colorful Trends] Colorblocking: Synchronize and Analogize

Hello smileys! (:
[Reading a previous blog entry that introduces the technique of colorblocking will help understanding this bloggy entry better. Happy reading!]

Colorblocking is very in style right now and we’re going to start off with explaining the analogous colored technique on your wardrobe pieces. To review, analogous colors are colors that are similar hues that touch on the color wheel. Today, we’ll play with three color combinations:

All right then! Let’s get these outfits started! (:

T-shirt – Talbots
Lace Tank Top – Styles For Less
Jacket – from a friend
Corduroy Pants – from a friend

Our first analogous colors outfit includes the colors yellow, yellow green and green. When you wear similar colors, it’s important to not look like a solid blob of mish-mesh. Why? It’s just not flattering. To make similar colors work together to create a decent outfit means taking different textures and patterns. Here I layered my bright yellow lace tank top with a pastel yellow t-shirt. Both colors are yellow, but they have different textures, and the pastel yellow dulls down the clash of colors on this outfit. I had the tank top peek out from underneath the t-shirt to make it more obvious that I’m wearing yellow.[Colorful Tip] Having bright lace tank tops peek out from underneath your top really gives the entire outfit a pop of color.
The lighter green utility jacket with the t-shirt really mellows out the darker corduroy pants and the bright lace tank. (:

T-shirt – Anchor Blue
Capris – Styles For Less
Cardigan – Express

Our next outfit includes the colors red-violet, violet and blue violet. This combination was easier because I have a pair of jean capris that’s very dark, so in certain angles it looks like it’s a very dark shade of blue-violet. This outfit is a lot more relaxing for the Fall time. If it’s chilly outside though, I would definitely suggest darker blue jeans. Skinny jeans for me are warmer than jeans because skinny jeans hug your skin more. (:[Colorful Tip] Pairing pieces with jeans for any outfit is pretty simple, so if you’re trying out the analogous technique with your outfits. It’s a lot easier to start out with blue jeans and matching it with purples and greens.

Top – Causeway Mall
Lace Tank Top – Styles For Less
Capris – Styles For Less
hand-me-down Jacket – Hollister

This last outfit will have the colors red, red orange and orange. Since this color combination is very bright and congregated in one area, I used white as a neutral color to dull down the outfit with my jacket and my white capris. By using my beige jacket and my white capris, this balances out the brightness with the bright red and bright orange. Again, if it’s chilly outside, I’d wear neutral colored long pants.[Colorful Tip] Think of neutral colors as background colors. Neutral colors include white, grey, black, ivory, beige and taupe. Another way of identifying neutral colors is to think of greyscale colors. These colors can dull down and make an outfit more casual looking.

I had my bright red lace tank peek through from underneath my coral, red-orange top. Then, since the Fall season is coming around full swing, I added on my Hollister furry hooded beige jacket that had a bright orange quilted pattern on the inside.

[Colorful Tip] Causeway Mall is actually a very cheap and fun way to shop. This online store is a little different from other stores. You actually have to buy two of each thing that you buy, so buying with a friend is very wise. (: In high school, my friends and I all ordered together and bought clothes together and when it was Twin Day at school, we’d talk about dressing up the same!

That’s it for this entry. I really hope that this was helpful to you. One of the ways to express yourself is through the way you dress, so don’t be afraid to try out new combinations. You might just find a new style that you enjoy. (:

Smile today!

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