Smile! for [Nail Tutorial] Disney Princess: Week 4

It’s Disney Princess nails time! (That’s a rather long name…haha. ^^”) Today’s princess nails are inspired by Jasmine!

Step 1: Apply a base coat. If you don’t own base coat, then use clear polish because it’s better than nothing.Step 2: Create two bright yellow diagonals on the top half of your nail that’s closer to the bed. I used Sally Hansen‘s Lightning. This will be the base of Jasmine’s golden necklace.

Step 3: Create two scalloped shapes with a sheer periwinkle that meet in the middle of your nail on the bottom 1/3 of the nail, near the tip. I used Essie‘s Lapiz of Luxury.

Step 4: Apply a sheer layer of turquoise over the layer of periwinkle. I used Sinful Colors‘ Mint Apple .

[Colorful Tip] It was really hard for me to find a color that matched Jasmine’s attire exactly, so I used sheer colors of periwinkle and turquoise to create the color of her clothes. Light blue and turquoise would work together as well. (:

Step 5: Apply an extremely thin layer of gold on the bright yellow. I used Revlon‘s Gold Coin.

[Colorful Tip] Wipe both sides of the gold nail polish application brush very thoroughly. Then dot a napkin with the tip because nail polish collects at the tip of the brush even if you wipe off the sides a lot. This way, there won’t be a huge cluster of gold on one end of the necklace.

Step 6: Apply a top coat to your nails. If you don’t own top coat, then use a clear polish. This seals all the nail polish in and keeps it lasting longer.

That’s it for Princess Jasmine nails!

Jen from frmheadtotoe did a Jasmine make up tutorial video on her YouTube Channel. Check it out! (: I applied her rendition of Jasmine’s make up for my Jasmine costume when I went to Disney’s D23 Expo this year!Here is the Jasmine costume that Jen wore in the video, and the same costume that I wore to D23. The costume is called the Arabian Princess costume and it’s made by Leg Avenue. Here’s designer doll version of Jasmine! I have noticed though that the costume names are exactly the same, but the one that I got has the blue sheer cloth underneath the bra piece, but Jen’s doesn’t. Here is the costume that I got, and here is the one that Jen has.

[Sidenote] If you need help with find a good place for cheap costumes, maybe my previous blog entry can help!

And with that, here’s the designer doll version of Jasmine! (:

Smile today![Colorful Links]
Jen from frmheadtotoe
YouTube Channel

Discount Women’s Dress Shoes (DWD Shoes)
Official Site

Leg Avenue
Official Site

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