Smile! for [Colorful Trends] Winter Warmth

It’s been getting pretty cold where I live, which means that winter’s coming around the corner. I hope that none of you smileys have been getting the sniffles. Here are some tips to stay warm this season! 1. Layering If buying new clothes is too expensive for you, there’s always an alternative to staying warm […]

Smile! for [COD #5]

Oops….I haven’t done a COD bloggy entry in awhile huh….?…I’ll try to do them more often. Hopefully once a week? or three times a month at least…ANYWAYS! Without further ado..tah dah! Leopard Print Scarf – Styles for Less Brown Knit Cardigan – Styles for Less Grey Tank Top – Papaya Brown Pleather Bomber Jacket – […]

Smile! for [Haul] November 2011 Black Friday Edition

Black Friday and Cyber Monday just finished! (: Did you guys buy anything? Hopefully you weren’t a part of that pepper spraying for Xbox 360’s that I heard about at that Walmart in LA. Jeebeeies, that’s pretty scary! On a much brighter note, this year was the first year that I participated in the Black […]

Smile! for [Nail Tutorial] Disney Princess: Week 6

It’s Monday! Which means that it’s Disney Princess nails day. (: Today’s designer doll is based off of Pocahontas! Step 1: Apply a base coat. If you don’t own base coat, then use clear polish because it’s better than nothing.Step 2: Apply two thin layers of sheer beige color on your nail near the tip […]

Smile! for [Haul] October 2011

So since I don’t really buy many pieces every time I go shopping, I figured that sharing my hauls every week or every month would be better, so let’s try this out! …Usually I spend it on food. (Cue the corny cartoonish, innocent smile, complete with the sound effect ding!) Although, I’ll figure out a […]

Smile! for [Nail Tutorial] Disney Princess: Week 5

What time is it? Princess nails time! (: This week our focus is going to be on Cinderella inspired nails! Step 1: Apply a base coat. If you don’t own base coat, then use clear polish because it’s better than nothing. Step 2: Create fat lines of periwinkle/lavender on your nails, but not all the […]