Smile! for [Haul] November 2011 Black Friday Edition

Black Friday and Cyber Monday just finished! (: Did you guys buy anything? Hopefully you weren’t a part of that pepper spraying for Xbox 360’s that I heard about at that Walmart in LA. Jeebeeies, that’s pretty scary!

On a much brighter note, this year was the first year that I participated in the Black Friday sales. I went to Ontario Mills and then near the afternoon, went on over to South Coast Plaza to do some looking around after a very restful nap in the early afternoon. I arrived with company at around 10PM or so at Ontario Mills. We waited in the cold until 11:30PM and then everyone swarmed in. May I first say that I have never experienced crowded up to the point where we’re like sardines. I honestly didn’t have a preference because all the things that I wanted to buy, have already been bought and I just needed to ask for a price adjustment from the cashier. This year was to solely experience the whole Black Friday…..I’m trying not to say fiasco, but it seems like the word fits quite nicely. There was a point where when Abercromie and Fitch opened up and people rushed in, I was quite literally lifted and squished into someone so tightly that I was in the air about a good minute and then finally put down. As my high school friend would say, “Awkward flying turtles!” Oh well, besides that, all and all it was a good experience. The only thing I bought were some H&M purple tights for about 5 or 6 dollars, while waiting in line for about half an hour, which doesn’t seem very worth the wait, but I was going to wait for someone anyway, so I figured it’d be fine. Well, that’s enough for story time. Let’s get into the haul. (:

This month, I’ve finally been purchasing pieces that I’ve been wanting to get for awhile.

– trench coat [ check! ]
– chunky brown belt [ check! ]
– statement jewelry [ check! ]
– red cardigan [ check! ]
– leopard print scarf [ check! ]
– ankle boots [ check! ]
– grey tights [ check! ]
– eye shadow primer [ check! ]

Yay! (: So that’s all the things that Santa doesn’t have to get me for Christmas this year. What are some things that you want for Christmas?

First up is my wonderful discovery of the wallet-friendly store Wet Seal, at least it’s quite wallet friendly when their clothes are on sale. (: In their clearance section, they were actually having a buy one and get another for a penny sale. I clearly took advantage of that. Haha.

[Right] $15 [Left] $0.01 (:


I also bought some things from Forever 21 as well. Of course..right? Haha. Although, in my opinion, Forever 21 doesn’t really have Black Friday deals. They mainly just have the buy one get one half off in the sale section. But on another brighter note, I finally got a trench coat that I liked + my size + a price that I could afford, so at that point I just grabbed it and then instant LOVE! Haha. :3

[Left] $6.80
[Right] Belt – $8
Jewelry – $5.80/each

I got these ankle boots from Styles for Less. (: I did a COD entry with them here. They were less than $30 too! (: Thank you Styles for Less VIP card. (Scroll all the way down for full details of how the VIP card works.)

From Sephora, I got this brush wand that was $10.
[Left] Close up of how the brushes in the wand look

From HauteLook, I made my first purchase of Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer that was also $10, but with shipping it came out to be about $16.

For those that can afford to shop at more higher end places, but still need to watch their spending, Banana Republic is a very good place to buy wardrobe pieces from during Black Friday. My few of my friends bought trench coats from there where normally the retail price would be around $200, but besides of the Black Friday sale, they were about $110 instead. I, myself also bought a T-shirt from Banana Republic that was $10 from the clearance section, but after the Black Friday deals was about $5. Yay! (:

Smile today!

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