Smile! for [COD #5]

Oops….I haven’t done a COD bloggy entry in awhile huh….?…I’ll try to do them more often. Hopefully once a week? or three times a month at least…ANYWAYS! Without further ado..tah dah!

Leopard Print Scarf – Styles for Less
Brown Knit Cardigan – Styles for Less
Grey Tank Top – Papaya
Brown Pleather Bomber Jacket – Papaya
Striped Shorts – hand me down from a friend
Black leggings – Christmas present from a friend
Brown Ankle Boots – Styles for Less

Here’s a close up of my ankle boots. I really like them. (: I’ve been trying to find ankle boots that I like since I saw a YouTube video from Wendy’s Lookbook. I’ll add her information in the Colorful Links section below. It’s already hard enough to find a pair of ankle boots that I like because I’m very picky with shoes because they’re so expensive. Then, it’s even harder finding shoes my size because my feet are tiny. ;^;

That about wraps it up for this COD! Stay warm!

Smile today!

[Colorful Links]

Wendy Nguyen

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