Smile! for [Colorful Trends] Winter Warmth

It’s been getting pretty cold where I live, which means that winter’s coming around the corner. I hope that none of you smileys have been getting the sniffles. Here are some tips to stay warm this season!

1. Layering
If buying new clothes is too expensive for you, there’s always an alternative to staying warm with your summer or fall wardrobe pieces.

For Top: Try putting on two tank tops + cardigan + jacket. The cardigan trailing underneath the jacket behind you creates a very effortlessly chic look.

For Bottom: I would suggest wearing tights and then putting on skinny jeans or long pants. It might feel weird at first, but the tights underneath really does make a world of a difference. If you’re still cold, you can add legwarmers too! (:

2. Borrowing
I’ve come to realize that guys usually own a lot of jackets, and guy jackets are usually the ones that can actually make you warm. There’s a reason why girlfriends always like wearing their boyfriends jackets! If you have a friend or sibling who have plenty of jackets, ask if you can borrow it for the winter. It never hurts to ask and if you do get the green light to borrow it, remember to wash it before you return it to them. A kind deed for another. (:

3. Polarmax
Last Christmas, my friend gave me a set of Polarmax. Polarmax is technical based layer appeal. So..that’s what it says on the website, but in just plain English? It’s a thermal layer that people who take part of snow sports wear. Polarmax products are available at stores that sell outdoor sports products. I often wear my Polarmax pants as tights. Again, it might feel weird at first, but having them on really keeps you warm, even more so than tights. It’s a good investment. (:

4. Scarves
Scarves really help out with the weather getting colder. If you don’t own a scarf, there are fairly cheap ones at Styles for Less and Target. With the Black Friday sales coming up, it’d be a good idea to also invest in a scarf too, take advantage of the cheap prices! ^^

5. Shoes
I try my best to avoid wearing sneakers on rainy days, simply because I don’t like the feeling of wearing wet socks, plus it takes forever to get sneakers to dry. I wear boots instead because then it’s harder for the rain to get in. (: Hah! Take that rain!

P.S. I love rain, I just don’t like wet socks. Heh…..^^”

7. Moisturizer
You may ask what does this have anything to do with being warm? Winter is the season where it dries out many people’s faces and when it gets cold it gets horribly uncomfortable. I really suggest to keep your face hydrated with some sort of hydrating mask, moisturizer or simply just drinking lots of water. Water is your friend!

8. Soup
Drink soup! Soup is your friend too!

Those are all my tips for staying warm this upcoming winter. I hope you don’t get sick and I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe Black Friday. (:

Smile today!

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