Smile! for [COD #6]

COD time! (: Let’s jump right in!

[Right] Entire outfit
[Left] Close up of all the layers the outfit has

White Collared Button Up – CottonOn
Dark Blue Skinnies – Styles for Less
Utility Jacket – hand me down from a friend
Black PolarMax – Christmas present from a friend

Black Heeled Boots – Styles for Less

(same boots and white shirt in this COD)

This season, I’ve been experimenting a lot with layers, especially since the weather is starting to get a little more consistent. In this case, consistent means when the sun starts to drop, the weather gets pretty chilly. During this kind of weather, I like getting cozy in thin layers so it’s not so overwhelming. My PolarMax really helps keeping me nice and warm during the fall and shall become my best friend during the upcoming winter season. In one of my previous posts, I talked about some tips on how to stay warm this season. I was fortunate enough to be given a PolarMax set from a friend last Christmas and they have really been good to me when the weather starts to test the tolerance of human sniffles. If you don’t own PolarMax, I would suggest wearing a tighter fit tank top and then a black top (preferably long sleeved) on top of that. I would’ve really hoped for the black layer of this outfit to be the longest of the three layers to really extenuate on the layering concept, but then again working with what you’ve got is pretty much what this blog is about. (:

Smile today!

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