Smile! for [COD #7]

Hello smileys! (: It’s tiiime fooooor another C-O-D! (:

Purple Lace Tank – Styles for Less
Sheer Ruffle Tank – Styles for Less
Brown Pleather Bomber Jacket – Papaya
Light Tan Flare Jeans – Wet Seal
Brown Ruffle Boots – Styles for Less
(same jacket in this COD)

[Right] Entire outfit
[Left] [Colorful Tip] When finding jeans that flare out at the bottom, I like finding a pair that just almost touch the ground. Why? Because it gives the illusion that you’re taller…and for me personally, I’ve always wanted to be taller. Petite people represent! 😀 Especially since these pants don’t start at your hips, it has three buttons and it starts just barely above the belly button. By tucking in my purple lace tank top into my pants, it shows off where the pants start through the sheerness of the taupe colored top and it gives the illusion that my legs start somewhere higher. Therefore, it gives the impression that I’m tall.

Because I have been just wearing skinny jeans as my go-to bottoms ever since the beginning of the summer season, I was extremely excited when I saw these paints at Wet Seal in the buy-one-get-one-for-a-penny clearance section for two reasons.

One: I have been on the lookout to adding more lighter bottoms to my wardrobe and up until this purchase I have only been successful in owning a white pair of shorts from Styles for Less and white skinny jeans that I bought off from a friend who had her own little Facebook closet sale. (AKA they were only 3 dollars) Cue the wallet approved thumbs up? :3

Two: I am finally able to experiment with different types of jean shapes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to match these jeans up to create other future outfits. (:

Hope you enjoyed this outfit! (:

Smile today!

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