Smile! for [Art Portfolio] Irvine Lake

There are plenty more art related things that I’ve been working on for school and outside of school. Here’s another one I did for my final.

Each picture was taken after each sitting.


This painting was supposed to be painted in the style of a master and I chose Vincent Van Gogh. I first worked with a gradient as that the background would go through the main focus points of the painting. The most difficult for me was trying to convey Van Gogh’s painting style through the water’s reflection. The advice that I took from most from a very helpful classmate, who is an amazing artist by the way (shown here), is to have line control because it seems very inconsistent throughout the houses portion. Hm…I’ll have to work on that more… Anyways, the scene is from a picture my friend took. I personally think that his pictures are absolutely fantastical. Here is the picture that I referenced from:

Isn’t it so pretty? (:

Oil on Canvas (16”x20”)

Smile today!

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