Smile! for [Colorful Adventures] WongFu Live and Paper Trees

YouTube link for video

It’s almost Christmas time! (: Hope you’re all having a great holiday break! So here’s the first video that I recorded and it’s obviously not all that high tech…I’m sitting on the floor of my bathroom simply because it’s the place with best lighting in my house. While I was recording…I was so nervous and constantly tripped over my sentences…so after a few hours, here it is! Despite that, I’ll continuously try to improve and motivate myself to post more videos, but for now here’s how this will start! (:
Here are some other shots of the Christmas Tree:

The technique that is used here is called quilling. It uses strips of paper that is rolled, shaped and glued to make different designs. I’m planning to make a video that goes over the different techniques that I used for the Christmas tree design.As an intro to the quilling world, it’s very important to understand the tools that make the process more convenient. Even though it’s possible to roll the strips of paper by hand, a quick tip is to acquire a quilling toolfirst, so that the rolling process is quicker.Smile today!

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