Smile! for [Colorful Links] Christmas Icing and Victoria Secrets

Christmas came and went in such a hurry this year! What did you do for Christmas? My friends and I watched the basketball games, made creme brulee, built a gingerbread house/man, played taboo and I watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time! ^^

Gingerbread house my friend and I made.

1. Icing DIY
Icing is actually quite easy to make! ^^ Here’s the list of ingredients:

1 egg white
1 tsp of lemon juice
2 cups of confectioner’s/powdered sugar

Step 1: Mix the egg white and the lemon juice together.
Step 2: Mix the sugar into the mixture.
[Colorful Tip] The proper consistency of the mixture can be tested if you lift your mixing utensil up and a bit of icing falls back into the rest, stays a little bit on the surface and then disappears.

This type of icing is called royal icing. It’s the most common type of icing used on gingerbread men and gingerbread houses because it dries hard and matte over time. (:

2. Forever 21

Forever’s Buy One Get One Free Sale is ending soon, and it prompted me to browse around on their website to see what I thought was worth my while. Granted when I started browsing, I ended up looking to places outside of the sale….but still worth the attention. ^^” I’ve been absolutely craving for the ideal blazer and this woven career blazer had a very sophisticated chic look that caught my eye. I also personally think that these strappy leatherette sandals in gold or bronze as well as these lace up leatherette boots would be very versatile for cosplay and regular wear. (:

Official Site

3.Victoria’s Secret
It’s pretty universal that Victoria’s Secret is known to exhibit and define the characteristic of being sexy. Usually their prices are pretty expensive, but their Semi-Annual Sale ends this Thursday and I say that their sale is definitely worth looking into. I discovered a whole list of things that have found a place in my Bookmarks list. Starting wiiiiith (drumroll) these two sweaterdresses (Cotton Ribbed Turtleneck Sweaterdress and Sleeveless Squareneck Sweaterdress) then these three sweaters that are absolutely perfect for layering in three different lengths (Silk and Cashmere V-neck Cardigan Sweater / Flirty Cardi Sweater / Maxi Cardigan Sweater) and the very last thing that I thought were these Marisa Crop Pants that would look very cute for pattern experimenting during the spring season.

Official Site

I will be uploading another video soon about the art of quilling and then another video of the outfit of the day. There will be many posts and hopefully many videos coming soon. (: So please stay tuned! ^^

Happy shopping and hope you all got presents this Christmas!

Smile today!

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