Smile! for [Colorful Links] Elegance and Textures

1. Victoria’s Secret
Victoria’s Secret’s Semi-Annual Sale apparently is still going on, but their swim section‘s Clearance is so great. Here are some bathing suits that I thought were so cute for the summer season, but so affordable too!
VS Stringkini Studded Triangle Top
Low-rise Bottom
Shimmer Scoop Bottom

Official Site

2. H&M
H&M is having a sale right now and some of their pieces are absolutely tempting me to eat instant noodles for a few days. >_> Does saying that make me sad? For example:
Woven sheer scarf
This scarf would really give an outfit dimension and extra texture.
Metal cuff bracelet
If you wore this cuff over a black long sleeved top it would really give the outfit a very elegant touch.
Messenger bag
This bag really looks like a school girl bag! It really looks like something that would be helpful when you just want to shop around or walk around with a friend or on a casual date.
Thin metal belt
This golden belt would really bring shine and elegance over a dress while cinching your waist.

3. Forever 21
Seems like Forever 21 is restocking because there are a lot of things on sale right now, and even if it’s not on sale, there are a lot of really fashionable pieces, especially if you’re going out somewhere with the girls or with that special someone. Here are some pieces that I caught my eye. (:
Colorblock Panel Dress
Clubbing? A girl’s night out? A date? This dress seems to versatile with so many night occasion possibilities!
Ribbed Bodycon Dress
These bodycon dresses really do seem interesting. I’ve always wanted to try a lace dress on top of something as simple like this dress.
Asymmetrical Dress
This asymmetrical dress looks like something that could be a basic piece in your closet. It’s one of those pieces where if you dress it up with accessories and some awesome shoes, it’d be absolutely stunning. With a belt, some black heels and a black clutch, this piece would look so great!
Royal Blue Asymmetrical Shift Dress
This blue dress looks so flowy and elegant! So pretty~
Pointelle V-Neck Sweater
Since it’s still winter time where I am, layering is a very important piece
Light Pink Quilted Shoulder Bag
I don’t like pink, but for those who do, this is a very cute design on a shoulder bag. (:
Sequin Floral Heels
I’m not a sequin fan, so once I saw these, I was amazed how much I liked them! They’re so cute and I would definitely wear these out on a date!

Official Site

Happy shopping! (:

Smile today!

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