Smile! for [Colorful Adventures] Filming Fails and Christmasy Disneyland

So maybe describing Disneyland to be a magical place is being cliche-ly redundant, but being there during while the holiday decorations are up, after the fireworks end and the Sleeping beauty castle is covered in silvery blue glittering lights and their imitation white snow starts fluttering down onto your hands, it’s the most magical feeling in the world. Even more so if you have never been in real snow before.

So at Disneyland right now, there’s pretty much a deal where you can get a ticket for $99 that’s good for two days from now until June, which for a student, isn’t a bad deal at all, especially if you love Disneyland. Hehe. P: I’m currently debating about upgrading my ticket to getting an Annual Pass. What do you think?

Anyways, there’s a lot of things that I’m planning and one of them is a Closet Sale! I was doing a house cleaning for the past couple days and I’ve pulled out clothes that I wore in middle school and some old clothes that I just don’t think I’ll wear anymore. My friend also put in some clothes for the guys, along with some stuffed animals for the kids. (: At the moment, I’m still pulling together everything, but stayed tuned for that! (:

Smile today! (:

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