Smile! for [Colorful Links] Paper Crafts and Textures

Most recently, I’ve made my first purchase from ASOS. It’s a very bright orange corset that I plan to use for a female version of the Joker (Batman series) cosplay. Stay tuned for some comments on the ASOS product. Anyways, onto the other products that caught my eye this week.
ASOS Corset with Strapping
Let’s face the music, being pretty flat chested sucks, but it never hurts to dream and look around for things that’s usually for bigger chested people, especially when it’s on the ASOS website, which has things that run for smaller people as well. (Thank goodness!) This corset has the most interesting strapping that I’ve seen yet and it’s very stylish to pull off for a night out with the girls and can be dressed up for a dinner date without looking overly sexy.
Vero Moda Denim Dress
Denim dresses are usually for the spring or summer season in my opinion, but it’s always possible to add layers onto it to make it into a colder climate outfit. This denim dress is so simple and absolutely a very cheerful light blue color that can do just that. (:
Vero Moda Lace Mix Tunic Dress
For those who love to mix textures or are easing into the concept, this tunic dress is very friendly for you! (: The “shirt” portion is very simple with a very breezy design down the middle while the “skirt” portion looks like another texture entirely, even though it’s the same color. Putting on a thick cardigan while adding a belt on top of that would really make it a stylish outfit for when it’s not as cold during the day, but get’s a little more chilly towards the night time.
A|Wear Aztec Printed Mini Skirt
The first thing that I really liked about this outfit was how down to earth, but also how chic it looked. I would recommend to wear this outfit during the spring though, but if you really want to wear it during this season, maybe some thick black tights underneath the skirt would help you out. (:
ASOS Metal Mixed Chain ID Tag
I’m not a huge fan of accessories, but personally I enjoy the very simple ones that really add polish to an outfit. ID tags are a design that I’ve come to really enjoy, so this very cute gold one really made me see potential in it! (:


2. Strictly Paper
Strictly Paper was a blog that I stumbled upon about paper crafts and it definitely sparked a few ideas that I want to try out. What things did you think were amazing?
Paper Stop Motion Music Video for Amos Lee’s Flower by //kneeon
I think paper animations are absolutely one of the most amazing things to ever conduct. The time and effort put into every single shot and fold and scene. It’s amazing!
Paper Shoes by Julie VonDerVellen
Shoes made out of paper? You gotta admit, even the shoe enthusiast would think that this is pretty awesome? Yes yes? No? Well you should! I hope.
The Little Mermaid a Layered Paper Illustration by Brittney Lee
Brittney Lee is absolutely amazing. Her crafts are so creative and very whimsical! ❤ Check her out! (:

3. Charlotte Russe
Usually when I go to the mall, I pass by Charlotte Russe because they hardly have clothes my size in stores, but online, again thank goodness, they do. Normally I enjoy browsing and seeing what their online stock has to offer and this time I found a few that really made my wallet cringe, but my closet very needy.
Ankle-Wrap Metallic Trim Pump in Dark Teal
This dark teal color is gorgeous and to add this color on your feet would really dress it up for some fun. (:
Ankle-Wrap Metallic Trim Pump in Berry
I think these purple pumps are really versatile from a night out with the girls to a fancy party.
Coral Denim Skinny Jeans
I love looking at colored skinnies because I really think that they make a wonderful pop of color to an outfit.
Sueded Platform Stiletto Pump in Chartreuse
Bright pumps can really highlight an outfit, and I really enjoy the material suede. (: So put two and two together really make my closet itch.

Official Site

Happy shopping! (:

Smile today!

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