Smile! for [Closet Shopping] Introductions and Batch 1

Here is a new section that I’m going to call Closet Shopping! It’s where I’m going to sell things from my home and a few other friends’ homes for a super cheap price. I’m going to give 50% of the money to a charity that’s most mentioned to me. (: Feel free to ask questions about the piece. I will make a video of the pieces so that you won’t have only a picture to judge from. And now I present to you….(drumroll please) batch numbero one!

1. If you want something please write it in the comments down below, stating the row and where the piece is located (Example: Row 2, Left), as well as your email because I don’t want you to post your address onto the Internet. (You will get a reply from
2. Customer will pay for shipping and the desired piece.
3. If there is someone who also wants something else that you wants, the auction concept will be initiated. If you outbid someone and nobody outbids you within 48 hours, then it’s yours! (:

Row 1
[Left] Jack Sparrow Mickey Mouse $12
[Middle] Black hat $4
[Right] Navy blue headband with white polka dots $2 [SOLD]

Row 2
[Left] Black pleated skirt L $8
[Middle] Black PJ pants M $10
[Right] Light blue tee S $8

Row 3
[Left] Blue and black long sleeved top S $8
[Middle] Dark grey t shirt with graphic design S $8
[Right] White t shirt S $8

Row 4
[Left] Camouflage tank top S $8
[Middle] Turquoise top M $8
[Right] Collared green t shirt S $8

Row 5
[Left] Green t shirt S $8
[Middle] Black t shirt with graphic S $8
[Right] Beagle stuffed animal $12

Happy shopping! (:

Smile today! (:

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