Smile! for [Colorful Links] Colors and Shoes

1. Talbots
I don’t really shop at Talbots, but when I was looking around on their site, I realized that there are quite a bit of items in the sale section that both I would wear AND I can afford. There are actually quite a lot of basics that Talbots offers so this store being only for older people, is a myth that has been broken! Dun dun duuuuun!~ Right now they’re having a 25% discount for all of their cardigans as well! (: Check it out here.
Sweater Jacket
I imagine to see this jacket for a much more expensive pricetag, but it’s actually priced about the same as if you’d see it at Forever 21. Now you know that’s pretty cheap, but fashionable, when the price is like that! (: So tempting….sigh.

Talbots Grace Fit Ribbon belted linen jacket
I adore how simple, yet elegant this jacket is. From the belted bow to the hidden little buttons, I imagine it worn as a casual jacket and yet also acting as a blazer stand-in.

Talbots Grace Fit Delave Linen jacket
I’ve always enjoyed the jackets that could secretly double agent as a blazer. This jacket is another one of them where in white would look business formal and elegantly chic.

Ruched Scoopneck Tee
This tee is one of the basics that I would buy simply because there’s so many colors to choose from and just something that you could dress on its own, or dress up to be fashionably stunning. I’d really suggest it also because of its super wallet friendly price. (;

Talbots Grace Fit Washed silk safari jacket
For those who don’t enjoy the girly look and want something more outdoorsy, I would suggest this jacket. It’s flap pockets remind those of men’s dress shirts, but the silk material is so tempting to rub your cheek against. I’s silk! And for that price? Uberly hearing hauntingly beautiful calls to my wallet’s ears. Oh my!~


2. Sea of Shoes
Jane Aldridge’s style blog is absolutely gorgeous. She makes me so sad that I’m not a redhead because her hair is oh so pretty. I really enjoy her fashion sense because everything is simply to vibrant and it’s as if her mere presence is a statement. Anyways, check out her blog. (: I enjoy reading about the wonderful things that she experiences, as well as the beautiful pictures she posts. (:

3. LuLu’s
I discovered this store and it made my wallet panic because they have very simple shoes that I really like in multiple colors, which to me is pretty awesome. (: Oh…minimum wage (hangs head)….besides….FOOD >SHOPPING. Sorry…the appetite my tummy gives is too overwhelming compared to the appetite of my closet, even if they offer so many cute shoes for less than $50. Nevertheless, when I gets my hands on more moolah, my shoe collection shall grow. Hopefully…SO MANY COLORS! ❤ (wags imaginary tail)
Pixie Dust One Shoulder Glitter Tan Dress
Simple and glamorous. Dress it up to a fancy party and…hey why not? Accessorize it to cosplay as Pocahontas! It’s certainly possible. (:

Sylvester in Love Grey Animal Print Dress
With a black leather jacket, tights and some cute black or grey ankle boots, I can really imagine this to be the base of an extremely cute outfit for a day out with friends and for a date with that special someone, not to mention that animal print is very trendy lately. (:

Glitter-Sweet Gold Dress
If the first glittery dress with the one sleeve isn’t really your style, I would really suggest this one instead! (: It has a very interesting back that shows it off in a very intriguing way.

BB Dakota Laine Print Dress
This dress reminds of the colors of a peacock with it’s lush attracting tail and it’s earthy design. I’d say with a denim jacket, some wedges and a brown crossover bag, you’d be ready to go play in the sun or wander around a garden! (:

Qupid Heigl 01 Berry Velvet Peep Toe Pumps
Personally whenever I wander around in the Pumps section of an online store or physically in a shoe store, peep toe or closed toe is always something that I have to debate between. Peep toe is definitely a style that I think is cute though. (: Here are the many colors I was talking about!
Black Velvet Lime Suede Gold Metallic Cobalt Blue Suede Red Pleated

Qupid Penelope 47 Coral Ruched Platform Pumps
Ruched anything gives the piece more texture and it’s a style that I’ve come to really love. These delicate and bright colors could really just pick up your day, couldn’t they? 😀
Sea Green Suede Yellow Suede

Qupid Onyx 01 Nude Velvet Party Platform Pumps
I’ve been looking around for the perfect nude pumps and to be honest, this one is the closest that I’ve seen. The lush velvet texture, the light nude color and the rounded toe. Oh if only there was a way! Too bad, right now they’re sold out….but the look continues!

Official Site

Happy shopping! (:

Smile today!

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