Smile! for [Portfolio Piece] Oil on Canvas

Colors in the Dark (12×16) Lamp post at the end of the darkness Oranges and Lemons (12×16) Palette knife painting practice Envy Isn’t Always Green (24×30) Seven Deadly Sins Series Copy of a Master: Van Gogh’s La Nuit Etoilee (16×20) Calla Lilies (24×36) Sharing color practice (commission) TEXTURE (12×16) Texture study with a palette knife […]

Smile! for [Colorful Links] Colorful Valentine’s

Hey readers! (: There are lots of places that are celebrating colors, colors and more colors! (: Here are the pieces that I found that I really liked. Hope you’re have a great Valentine’s! If you’re single, don’t worry. Take the time to love yourself and those are important to you! (: 1. Wet Seal […]

Smile! for [Colorful Updates] Nerd Nails

I’m a total nerd with my reading and dorky personally, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I think that the black rimmed glasses look is very sophisticated while having brains is pretty attractive. Now if only I had brains….. XD Haha anyways, nerds unite! I hope you enjoy this! (: Nail Polishes Used: Rimmel […]

Smile! for [Colorful Links] Welcoming Spring and Accessories

Hello wonderful smileys! (: This week I have found so many links this week and there’s a lot of places that are revealing their spring line now and there are just so many great colors! Pastel colors is really in fashion this upcoming season and the delicateness with the great color combinations after the fall […]