Smile! for [Colorful Links] Welcoming Spring and Accessories

Hello wonderful smileys! (: This week I have found so many links this week and there’s a lot of places that are revealing their spring line now and there are just so many great colors! Pastel colors is really in fashion this upcoming season and the delicateness with the great color combinations after the fall season makes it so hard to not be excited if you absolutely go giddy over colors.

ASOS Bright Pink Dress With Pleated Skater Skirt
I’m not a fan of pink, but it seems like many pink colored dresses have the best designs. If you’re a pink enthusiast, this is a great base color to start with if you’re girly just going out on a date or just wandering around looking for inspiration at a museum.

ASOS Pencil Dress with Gold Buttons
For some people, what you wear can make someone’s day. If you have a presentation or if you just want to show confidence, this pencil dress is absolutely perfect. It’s lady-like and yet can be casual if you wear it with a utility jacket and some leggings. The sleeves really emphasize your shoulders, which conveys a sense of strength when you have strong shoulders. For girls who have already a wider shoulder width, wearing darker colors, like black or dark blue will slim it down, while still giving off a confident aura.

ASOS Knitted Dress With Scoop Neck
For those who aren’t the flashy type, this knitted dress is more conservative, but also very fashionable. Without tights underneath, it could go as a clubbing dress, with capris it could be a casual outfit, and with dark tights, it could become formal attire. (:

ASOS Waisted Dress With Scallop Detail
This dress is very lady-like as well! (: The bright colors are great for the upcoming spring because you can lessen the brightness with neutral color or more pastel colors. (:

ASOS PINK LADY Black Patent Peep Toe Court Shoe
For those who like peep toe and black classic pumps, here is a cheap way to get just those. (:


2. Forever 21
Longline Top
To build a versatile wardrobe, it’s always a good idea to turn to the basics.

Crochet Cream Maxi Dress
Maxi dresses are something that fall under the boho and romantic style. Can’t you imagine a girl running through a magical field of wonder and sunshine wearing this? ๐Ÿ˜€

Sweetheart Dress
This sweetheart dress is so great for a night out. Even though it seems really eye catching to wear something so bright at night, sometimes it’s good to try something different. If you think that it’s too eye catching, wear black or grey to accessorize.

Fitted Skinny Jean
Skinny jeans have been around for a long time and it’s not going anywhere. Here are a bunch of colors in skinny jeans! (:

Glossy Leatherette Wedges
Nude wedges are something that can tie an outfit together. A very helpful tip is to find a nude color that matches your legs’ color. That way, you’ll give the illusion that you’re taller.

Classic Patent Nude Heels
Even though these nude heels are a little dark for my skin tone, their design is very classy and can really complete a formal look. (:

Metallic Coin Chain Necklace
Elegant and really stands out. This statement necklace is

Reader Pendant Necklace
This necklace is so cute! (: wear it against a solid colored t-shirt, a tailored blazer and some skinny jeans and you’re good to go! ๐Ÿ˜€

Southwest Feathered Earrings
Feather accessories really give the outfit a boho look and make the overall feel very soft and romantic. These gorgeously colored earrings I really think do just that.

Painted Rabbit Necklace
Even though this necklace looks simple enough to make, the necklace itself is cheap and oh so cute! It might be the little kid who used to chase bunny rabbits in the backyard talking….but this totally brings back memories. (:

Spiked Rhinestone Chandeliers
For a more rocker chic and edgy look, these spiked earrings will really bring the edge and frame your face a lot better. (:

Laser Cut Butterfly Earrings
These butterfly earrings remind me of delicate lace designs. Aren’t they just breathtaking? Such amazing details!

Double Flower Necklace
This necklace would be very cute to finish off a more vintage outfit. (:

Sheer Sleeve Pleated Dress
The second I saw this dress, two words flashed into my mind like a blazing neon sign: VALENTINE’S DAY. Even though I’m not expecting to go out on a date that day (and because it’s a school day), I still thought of it as a possibility for a romantic date. (:

Pressed Filigree Bracelet
The designs on this bracelet is absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoy the turquoise and gold one because of the beautiful decorations that it has swirling all around it. Oh sigh…

Official Site

3. Charlotte Russe
Print-Hem Cowl Back Top
I love backless pieces and the backlessness (Is that a word?) with the tribal like designs on the bottom front of the top make it look so edgy and bright. A fantastic combination.

Crinkled Metallic Keyhole Pump in Pewter Metallic
In the last Colorful Links entry, I found similar pumps from the website Lulu’s, but here is another place to find them! (: In silver…..

Crinkled Metallic Keyhole Pump in Gold Metallic
and in gold as well! ๐Ÿ˜€

Jersey Mummy Wrap Flat
I’m not really a flats sort of person, even though I am looking for a black pair because sometimes I just think with black leggings, they look cute. Anyways, I found a few flats that just look so cute from Charlotte Russe. (: Hehe~

Butterfly Weave Crinkle Flat

Mummy Wrap Ballet Flat

Ikat Tribal Woven Scarf
Speaking of accessories, I have really been attracted to scarves lately and this one really caught my eye with the wonderful color harmonies that one would find in nature. (:

Official Site

Happy shopping! (:

Smile today!

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