Smile! for [Colorful Links] Colorful Valentine’s

Hey readers! (: There are lots of places that are celebrating colors, colors and more colors! (: Here are the pieces that I found that I really liked. Hope you’re have a great Valentine’s! If you’re single, don’t worry. Take the time to love yourself and those are important to you! (:

1. Wet Seal
Leatherette Ruffle Sandal
The ruffles on this sandal makes them look so cute and girly. Perfect for the upcoming spring season! (:
T-Strap Sandal
Plain, but the metallic sheen really adds polish to even a casual look! 😀

Color Skinny Pant
Multi-colored skinnies! (:
more colors

Pull On Color Legging
So…these aren’t skinny jeans, but it’s pretty close AND the pastel colors are really nice.

Destroyed Color Short
We can’t have multi-colored pants without multiple bright shorts! 😀

Cross Body Feather Bag
Floral dress + jean jacket + wedges + this = perfect spring outfit! ❤

Stacked Platform Heel
Nude heels! (: These are pretty light, so maybe I’ll finally be able to find the perfect nude pumps.

Rhinestone Claw Moveable Ring
I personally think that rings like this can show elegance and power at the same time. Besides…they’re so perfect for cosplay!

Lurex Teardrop Earring
The shape of these earrings are so delicate. Love! ❤


2. Forever 21

Painted Floral Dress
I absolutely love the colors on this dress.

Pointelle Diamond Over The Knee Socks
Over the knee socks are always perfect for cosplay, but sometimes for those cute dates with your girlfriends or that special someone, it can be pretty cute too! (:

Patterned Denim Backpack
I love the pattern on this backpack. If you’re going out to walk around outdoors or in a museum, you’d look cute doing it with this backpack! (; Cute tourist for the win!

Tiered Lace Shorts
I really love the color for these lace shorts. They’re just colors that you’d never expect! (:

Destroyed High Rise Denim Hot Short
Really loving these soft colored shorts, especially the pastel yellow one!

New York Shopper’s Tote
I’ve never seen such a cute tote before, and they’re everywhere now! (: Forever also has tote bags for other places too! (: Really loving the Tokyo and Paris one! ❤
Tokyo Paris London

Chunky Polka Dot Bracelet
I’m personally not a big accessory person, but I have to admit that I see so many cute ones! This one is especially cute I’d say with a cute white ruffly dress and a little hat to go with it! (:

Coil Trimmed Bangles
I love the edginess and the boho feel of these bangles. It’s so contemporary! (:

Looped Hinge Bracelet
I really think that putting this bracelet over a black long sleeved top would make you look polished and sophisticated! (:

Lacquered Epoxy Bracelet
Being a Disney fanatic, this bracelet totally reminded me of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin! (: The bracelet looks so smooth and fun to wear! (:

Medieval Filigree Bracelet
If you’re the type to put multiple bangles or bracelets on you, I would really suggest this one because of the age that it looks like it holds. So vintage.

Painted Pressed Bangles
Such bright colors! These bangles remind me of Indian dancer accessories. So bright and fun! (:

Tassel Chain Bracelet
Rose gold seems to be a big trend and if you like pink, this bracelet is pretty cute! (:

Official Site

3. Charlotte Russe

Cross-Front Strappy Cork Wedge
I love nude shoes. They have such a versatile, simple beauty within them. If you like a little color, here are some more colors that Charlotte Russe has in this style! (;
Fuchsia Black Orange

Zipper-Trim Nubuck Heel Boot
The design for this heeled boot is so edgy. Loving it!

T-Strap Wooden Platform Sandal
Sometimes, strappy sandals are just the pattern to finish off a spring outfit!

Pop-Pocket Pebbled Backpack
I really like the simplicity of this backpack! Cute. (:

Bottom Pleat Boatneck Dress
If your shoulders are a little wider, a boatneck dress can really slim it down!

Belted Hi-Low Tribal Dress
Really loving the bright tribal designs on this dress. With some brown or nude shoes, a cross body bag and some cute braids, I’d say that’d make a great look to wander around in the spring time! (;

Official Site

Happy shopping and have a great day today! (:

Smile today!

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