Smile! for [Colorful Updates] T. Pot Nails

In one of the WongFuWeekend episodes, the WongFu team went to Color Me Mine and made their own creations. Wesley Chan made a very cute pot called thinking pot, and I am such a big fan go WongFu that I wasn’t shy to wear my own rendition of T. Pot on my nails. I left out the bashful, awkward little eyebrows on the actual T. Pot because I didn’t think that it would look as good on such a smaller scale, but feel free to try it, if you want to have a more accurate T. Pot! Hopefully, I’ll have positive, good thoughts too. Please check out their stuff! (:


WongFu Productions




Nail Polishes Used:

Rimmel London Base Coat Top Coat Pro 100

Wet and Wild Tickled Pink 402

La Vie White White F12

Confetti Black Tie 095

Revlon Sunshine Sparkle 089

Milani Nail Art with Precision Brush White Canvas 704

Milani Nail Art with Precision Brush Black Sketch 703


Tools Used:

Sewing Pin (Be careful!)

Postcard as a palette



David Choi













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