Smile! for [Art Portfolio] Pride Isn’t Always Condescending

It’s spring break for me and here is my most recent piece that I finished. (: I’m trying to paint a series that is based off the seven deadly sins concept called 7 Human Sins. I’m going to try to humanize the notorious seven sins in my own way.

Each picture was taken after each sitting.

This is the overview of the process. (:

If you are interested in watching the entire process, here it is! (:

There are many inspirations and backgrounds that brought forth this painting. Let’s start from the basis of the series.

In high school, I had a group of friends who I hung out with mainly in senior year. We called ourselves Black Sheeps because our personalities were quite different from others and we weren’t afraid to say what we thought, which was usually quite angry. There were seven of us and one day we assigned each other a name of the seven deadly sins. At the time, I was easily assigned gluttony because of my ability to eat constantly and somehow be relatively skinny. Personally, I’m quite defeated that I haven’t hit 100 pounds yet….Sigh… Anyways!..The seven deadly sins originate from Greek philosophy and the Catholic Church and they’re often depicted as very extreme personifications of their sins. I have always firmly believed that everyone has good and bad in them. Even though my high school little circle named ourselves Black Sheeps, it didn’t mean that we associated ourselves as horrible people. Nobody in this world is all good or all bad, even if they’re known to be a certain way. I want to take the seven deadly sins for this series and humanize each sin. (P.S. I did start with envy before, but I’ve decided to redo that piece because I think it can be better.)

There are many things that inspire me and one of these things is fashion. Colors, details and textures is how we learn and communicate. I stumbled across a style blogger about a year ago and I truly love her lifestyle. It’s so amazing and she pays attention to all these gorgeous details and make her living display extravagance through her blog pictures. I based the painting off of one of her picture in one of her posts called LOOKING GLASS. (link and her information below) I wanted to capture the blurriness of the mirror’s image and the light in the background from the window making Aldridge’s image have a glow. When I painted it though, I tried to make the mirror image as blurred as I could, while still having the basic recognizable shapes of a woman figure. I exaggerated as much as I could on the gold in the reflection because society associates gold as the color of luxury and extravagance. The material of her top however reflected other gorgeous colors from her back view and I painted as much variations of the color as I could while trying to abstract her clothes as much as I could as well to try to show the complexity of how people are. On the foreground, the exaggeration of the bright glow (lots of white) is to symbolize how a mirror can’t reflect the beauty that is inside a person.

The structure of the video was inspired by Lindy Tsang, or more famously known as BubzBeauty. She has a beauty channel, and some other side channels as well on YouTube and she is such a great inspiration to embrace and accept who you are as a person. She has a few painting videos as well and they’re so great! (: Please check it out! (link and her information below)

Original image from Jane Aldridge’s personal style blog:

Oil on Canvas (24”x36”)

Smile today!

Colorful Links

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Beauty YouTube Channel
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Official Website
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