Hello world!

Hello! (: If anyone comes across this, welcome to the “colourful” world of Colour Moi Chic.   Apologies in advanced because I just got this domain and I’m trying very hard to work on it, but thank you very much for visiting to see what is here for the time being! Stay tuned for new […]

Smile! for [COD #10 and Colorful Adventure] Inspirational Wendy

Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook is an inspiration for me. I pretty much see her and Mystery Man as my role models. Their journey is incredible and their story is just so amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous meeting someone! >A<  Once I entered the Diane von Furstenberg store at South Coast […]

Smile! for [COD #9] Wreck-It Hero

 Ever since watching Sourcefed’s The New Movie Thing Show (Yes, it’s really called that.) review of Wreck-It Ralph, it confirmed my need to watch it. The movie was great! Adventure, humor, touching story-telling and visuals was all there! I highly recommend it! (:  While going to the mall to see the movies, I wanted to […]

Smile! for [COD #8] Snow Blades and Ribbons

Yay for Halloween! (: I hope that you all got candy! If you didn’t, I hope you all had a good time! Did you watch any scary movies? This year I dressed up as Rukia Kuchiki in her school uniform from the anime Bleach. Rukia is my absolute favorite character from Bleach. Her sword is […]