Smile! for [COD #8] Snow Blades and Ribbons

Yay for Halloween! (: I hope that you all got candy! If you didn’t, I hope you all had a good time! Did you watch any scary movies? This year I dressed up as Rukia Kuchiki in her school uniform from the anime Bleach. Rukia is my absolute favorite character from Bleach. Her sword is entirely white and absolutely has the most beautiful attacks in my opinion. She’s witty and has a strong heart. She also loves bunnies, which is my favorite animal! (:
 I’ve had her white sword replica for about four to five years now, and it has been sitting in my room ever since. Ever since I attended DisneyExpo last time, I just fell in love with cosplay, so I was determined to create this one, since it was pretty easy to do as well! (: I hope you enjoy the pictures! They were taken by my wonderful friend, Thomas Liu. Thanks again! Smile today everyone! (:





 Heh…heh…heh…I gotchu nows.
(sidenote: These are my best intimidating eyes. Are you scared? P:)

(Disclaimer: The character pictures and character itself definitely do not belong to me.)
= What I Have On =
Top = Styles for Less white t-shirt (inside), CottonOn button down top
Bottom = Amazon pleated school girl skirt (seller: FineBrandShop)
Shoes = hand me downs
Accessories = red ribbon, Sode no Shirayuki sword (from the anime: Bleach), two pairs of black knee high socks

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