Smile! for [COD #9] Wreck-It Hero

 Ever since watching Sourcefed’s The New Movie Thing Show (Yes, it’s really called that.) review of Wreck-It Ralph, it confirmed my need to watch it. The movie was great! Adventure, humor, touching story-telling and visuals was all there! I highly recommend it! (:
 While going to the mall to see the movies, I wanted to reflect the character’s colors into my outfit so this was what came from that. (: My outfit was based off of the colors of Wreck-It Ralph’s clothes with the gold belt to top off the color of gold coins that is commonly found in old video games. In order to downplay the outfit because of the bright colors, I wore a dark grey cardigan inside the red pleather jacket.
 My photographer, Thomas Liu, was very supportive and accommodating as we snapped a few pictures of what I wore before the movie. So wonderful props to him! Thanks for reading! Smile today everyone! (:



This was an image in front of a recently opened store and I just thought it was so amusing. X3 Scrunchie face!
(Disclaimer: The pictures and character itself definitely do not belong to me.)
= What I Have On =
Top = hand me down green tank (inside), hand me down grey cardigan
Dress = Styles for Less
Outerwear = Sidecca
Shoes = Banana Republic
Accessories = Forever21 belt

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