Smile! for [COD #10 and Colorful Adventure] Inspirational Wendy

Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’s Lookbook is an inspiration for me. I pretty much see her and Mystery Man as my role models. Their journey is incredible and their story is just so amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous meeting someone! >A<
 Once I entered the Diane von Furstenberg store at South Coast Plaza, I first recognized her younger brother and immediately realized that I was so incredibly lucky. Her and her brother’s story is just so touching, and it had dawned on me that I was so close to someone who I admire so much. I pretty much procrastinated going up to her and kind of wandered around the store first. Thanks to Thomas, who nudged me and patiently encouraged me, I finally had the courage to end up hovering around her and kind of spluttering noises out of my lips. It was a little embarrassing, but I couldn’t get anything else out at the time. (enter nervous laugh)

 Wendy was wonderfully kind. She patiently listened to my story and just how she inspired me. She was so very elegant and so very sweet, that I couldn’t help but shake in excitement and happiness. I am really grateful that she accepted my present for her as well! ^^ So many reasons to smile!

Coinky-dinkly, the very friend who introduced me to her videos used to live in the same college dorm with one of her closest friends, and also the man who started out taking pictures of her on her blog! It’s such a small world! Time flew by as we talked and he gave me many kind words of encouragement, as well as Mystery Man. It was a very educational night! (:
 South Coast Plaza has fantastic Christmas decorations! The lights flicker against the roof like stars and it’s just amazing. (:

 Pictures taken by the wonderful Thomas Liu. (: Thank you!

 Would you believe that my red “belt” is actually a red cardigan from Forever21? I spent about 20 minutes in front of a mirror the night before trying to figure it out and this was the ending result! What do you think? I think I’ll make a video of how I did it soon. (:

Can you guess what character I’m channeling through my outfit? P: The answer to that will actually be revealed in my 100th video. Stay tuned! ❤
Today was beyond my dreams and it was just so wonderful. My cheeks have never been so sore from smiling. Everything was so great. Thank you Wendy and Mystery Man! Thank you David! Smile today! (:
Their pumpkin cheesecake on a mini cone dessert was really yummies! :3 Can you see the little smiley face on mine? P:
I personally think that Thomas captured me being really nervous, but really excited really well here. Pre-meeting-Wendy-and-pre-smile-parade.
 Aren’t the Christmas lights on the roof surrounding the colorful stained glass magical? :]
= What I Have On =
Top = Styles for Less zippered vest, Wet Seal cream duster cardigan
Dress = H&M
Outerwear = Wholesale-Dress
Shoes = Styles for Less
Accessories = Forever21 silver belt, Forever21 red cardigan, New York and Company black tights, Styles for Less necklace (It’s actually a belt borrowed from a dress that came with it.)

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