Smile! for [COD #11] Inked Fins

P1010231 copy

Since I’m on winter break right now, I’ve had a lot more time on my hands, but of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m just sleeping all day. I’ve recently been hanging out with friends who I haven’t seen in awhile and one day, we were watching movies. I have this habit of doodling on my arm while I watch movies, is that weird? Haha…anyways, this time I went all out and not only used a ball point pen, I also used MAC black eyeliner and a white gel pen.

P1010230 copy

This is how it looked on the 2nd day. I had to wrap my arm in Saran wrap while I was showering to keep it from washing out. Later on, I patted around it dry and then blotted some of the ink off, so the result became this very watercolor-esque effect.

P1010254 copy

For this outfit, the inspiration came from the koi fish that I actually drew on my arm. I was inspired from the soft ruffled look from the fins and the dark, comfortable colors from the color of the fish.

   P1010266 copy P1010272 copy

Until next time! Thank you for reading! (: Happy Christmas! Smile today! (:

P1010238 copy

= What I Have On =
Top = Styles for Less top
Dress = old black lace dress
Outerwear =  hand me down dark grey cardigan
Shoes = hand me down black flat boots
Accessories = H&M grey tights, Aeropostale grey scarf
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

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