Smile! for [COD #12] Golden Camouflage

P1000971Happy New Year smileys! (: How has your New Year been? Hopefully full of happiness and lights and good wishes.

P1010042Lately, for the 100th YouTube video, I’ve been trying to expand on the Inspired Outfit video concept by pulling together some outfits from some things. Of course I can’t reveal it yet, even though I really want to!  Considering that it’s been really cold lately, especially since the area where I live because we’re not so used to the weather being so cold, I’ve been trying to experiment with layers.

P1010129I’m not so used to carrying purses, considering I’m more of a backpack kind of person, but my grandmother was kind enough to give this to me for the holidays, so I took it out to use for the first time! (: What do you think?

P1010180Hope this finds you all well! (: Smile today! (:

P1010008    With these glasses on, I feel like I’m wearing video game goggles. Pew pew! P:

= What I Have On =
Top = Papaya camouflage tank top, hand-me-down grey peplum top, hand-me-down black cardigan
Bottoms = Styles for Less black shorts
Outerwear =  hand-me-down green utility jacket
Shoes = hand-me-down black flat boots
Accessories = H&M black tights, Forever21 statement gold necklace, thrifted sunglasses
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

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