Smile! for [COD #13] Sheer Draping and Red Splits


Happy Friday smileys! (: How has your week been?


Recently, I visited the Getty Villa for the first time, and I have to say, it was absolutely beautiful. I loved the atmosphere of the museum and the architecture. Since the Getty Villa is by the ocean, I was truly wondering what to wear while fitting in with the whole aura of the museum, so I looked up some pictures of the place and the whole place is very Greek and Roman-esque. And theeeen ta da! That’s when this outfit came from.


The first thing that I thought about for the times of the Greek and Romans were togas and their draping. I imagined a very sleek silhouette. Looking through the closet, I found this dress that I had purchased a few weeks ago around Christmas time. Originally, this dress was originally going to be used for cosplay, but I figured that since I spent the money, I should try to figure out some other outfits to put together so that I could get some more uses from it. To be honest, I was extremely nervous about the thigh split and how it might be too revealing at first, but after going through the day, the idea wasn’t so controversial in my mind anymore.


For the draping, I wore this cowl neck grey top so that I could accomplish both draping and neutralizing the bright color of the dress’ red. I actually bought this grey top because I wanted something that echoed something that Wendy Nguyen from Wendy’sLookbook owns shown here. I absolutely loved the subtle details in her shirtdress, so I was really excited when I found this top! (:


Of course I had to layer on more pieces because after all, it’s still winter time where I am! So to really try to give the illusion of making myself seem taller, I put on a sleeveless cardigan with hints of brown with a silver belt to cinch the waist and rolled the cowl neck over it.


Since Getty Villa closes around 3pm, we swung by downtown LA for Urth Cafe. What a secret gem we found! Across the street were these wings that I have seen countless times in fashion blogger photos! Although, by the time we got to downtown LA, the weather turned nippy, so I had changed to skinny jeans and borrowed a scarf. P1010659-watermark

Urth Cafe’s pumpkin pie is my absolute favorite pie! So many flying hearts come out of me when I experience eating it. It’s creamy and the whip cream is made from scratch and just perfectly light and not too sweet. Such a guilty pleasure of mine! P;

= What I Have On =
Top = Fashion Q grey cowl neck top, Forever21 brown sleeveless cardigan, hand-me-down grey cardigan
Dress = ASOS red dress
Bottoms = Styles for Less black skinny jeans (second outfit)
Outerwear =  hand-me-down white/orange faux fur hooded jacket
Shoes = hand-me-down black flat boots
Accessories = borrowed scarf (second outfit)
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

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