Smile! for [COD #14] Minnie Me


Hello smileys! (: Have you all been smiley recently? P: I recently got these tights from an eBay seller, and it’s extremely rare for me to wear short skirts, so I thought I’d try something out of the usual and piece together an outfit with a certain mousy Disney character in mind. (:

P1010963  P1010939

I recently went to Disneyland to visit my sister and her school’s performance, so I bought some pastel flowers for her efforts in the performance. In the setting of my favorite looking charming River Belle Terrace, Thomas and I took some quick pictures.


Thank you for reading! (: Hope you’re all having a wonderful day! Smile today! (:


Hehe, when I saw Minnie Mouse at Big Thunder Ranch, I just had to take a picture with her! Just before the picture, I happily told her, “Look! I’m wearing your colors!” and she gave me a kiss on my cheek. It was the most giggly moment in all my theme park experience! ❤

= What I Have On =
Top = old black and white polka dot tank top
Bottoms = Fashion Q black tiered ruffle skirt.
Outerwear =  ModCloth red cardigan
Shoes = hand-me-down black flat boots
Accessories = Styles for Less scarf, eBay tights, gifted necklace
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

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