Smile! for [COD #15] Rustic Vintage


The weather has been super fickle lately and it’s really just making me so confuzzles about what to wear. Luckily, I have taken notes from YouTube fashion gurus like Wendy Nguyen and Chriselle Lim and collected enough pieces to layer things so that I can still be comfortable and try out different outfits as a creative exercise.


In this weather, scarves are a must. I recently bought this chambray button down from Forever21 and it’s been absolutely a nice piece that I can wear as a casual thing and something that I can also dress up with a few other certain elements. (:


School’s started so I have to be able to still be comfortable since I start my day at 6am. It’s rather a wonderful time of day to get ready though because on the way I get to see the beautiful sunrise. (: I love the way that sunrises and sunsets never get old for me. The blend of colors and how they turn pastel and sometimes with that occasional flash and dip of bright pink or orange is simply beauty. (:


Thanks for reading! (: Smile today! (:

= What I Have On =
Top = Forever21 chambray button down, old white and grey striped tank
Bottoms = Styles for Less blue skinny jeans
Outerwear =  Papaya faux leather brown jacket
Accessories = Styles for Less scarf, gifted necklace
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

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