Smile! for [COD #19] Disneybound March Challenge Day 5

 Disneybound is a blog run by Leslie, a fantastically visioned individual, who posts inspirational (to say the least) outfit ideas that are inspired from Disney characters. Due to a follower who challenged herself last year to Disneybound (v. the action of dressing up in a way that is inspired from something related to Disney) every day in March, this challenge was started and I’m taking it on! (:
Today I’m dressing up as Boo from Monster’s Inc! (: Pink is actually my least favorite color, but I think that in order to embrace the full idea of pushing myself to create something I have to be able to accept working with things or environments even I’m not entirely comfortable with. This top was actually a present given to me and I’ve never let anybody see me wear it outside of the house. Well the Internet is like the big outdoors now, so here it is!
I have very low self esteem and I’m still trying to slowly build it up, but I’m actually very happy that I achieved the feel of aura of the photos I set to have. My goal was to give off the look of a parent trying to capture a child’s moments while they’re playing, but it would be very difficult because the child would be constantly fidgeting around.
 Thanks for reading! (: Smile today! (:
= What I Have On =
Top = gifted pink button down hooded tank and Styles for Less purple laced tank (inside)
Bottoms = hand-me down white skinnies
Accessories = Champion socks
Pictures taken by me and the camera timer

Tumblr post for this entry: here

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