Smile! for [COD #33] Disneybound March Challenge Day 19


Disneybound is a blog run by Leslie, a fantastically visioned individual, who posts inspirational (to say the least) outfit ideas that are inspired from Disney characters. Due to a follower who challenged herself last year to Disneybound (v. the action of dressing up in a way that is inspired from something related to Disney) every day in March, this challenge was started and I’m taking it on! (:


This whole month has mostly taught me that accessories can really change an outfit, no matter how brightly colored the original outfit is. For Flounder, the adorable little fishy from The Little Mermaid, I used an old bathing suit cover that I wore when I was about five to tie around my shorts like a self-tie belt.


If I spread the edges out, it even looks like my shorts have a cape! Kind of like a superhero! P: Flying under the sea? Hmmmm~ PX


  Thanks for reading! (: Smile today! (:


= What I Have On =
Top = gifted textured pastel yellow t-shirt
Bottoms = Styles for Less teal shorts
Accessories = old polka dot yellow child’s bathing suit cover (as another layer around the shorts)
Shoes =  CottonOn gold flats
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

Tumblr post for this entry: here

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