Smile! for [Firefly Whispers] 20130325 Wonderland


I’ve never really been all too confident with writing because it’s very, very personal for me. I was encouraged to post them up by a few friends of mine and to be very honest with you, the feedback for it has blown me away. I have horrible self esteem and I honestly can’t believe how many people actually like what I write. Just taking the effort to like a post is something that really touches my heart.

On the other hand, I really wanted to try something new, because I realize that for some people intimacy is something that can be extremely personal and in the words of a friend, “Some people think that things like that should be behind closed doors” because of their respective beliefs. I, however, am a very strong advocate of wanting to experience and feel things because I know what it was like to not care about anything for the longest time and that made me extremely miserable. The point of what I want to do (create art, write) isn’t that I want fantastic feedback. In all honesty, I just want people to feel things because in this kind of society, I think people need to feel for things and have a passion and want to excel in it. Have an emotional response, even if it’s a strong dislike because that means that you personally had experience with it and you came to the conclusion that you didn’t like it. Just a difference of opinion and that’s what communication is all about. It’s something I want to really put out there and this prose piece that I wrote is the checking-the-temperature-of-the-water for that. And even though, in all of my pieces, I won’t necessarily have a personal connection to it, I feel for it and I create because of it. I just wanted to put what I’m thinking out there. (:

To those of you who have followed my blog, thank you. You have no idea how much it really means to me. Smile today! (:

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