Smile! for [COD #47] Bohemian Grunge


Hello smileys! (: I hope you’ve had a relaxing weekend! This weekend, I decided to take on the grunge trend again with a hint of boho.


In the morning, I felt rather bold and decided to wear a bandeau so that bra straps wouldn’t distract the whole image of the crop top. Probably wasn’t one of my best ideas to be completely honest because I had to pull up the bandeau a lot because I’m a little small, but I did like the overall look of the outfit. Next time, I’ll either wear a bikini top or simply acquire a smaller bandeau that hopefully fits me. This is assuming of course I ever find one that does, crossing my fingers.


I absolutely love these shorts. I love high-waisted bottoms in general because it makes me feel just so tall and when I was little (from preschool until freshman year of high school) I always was the one who was either the shortest one in the class, or just barely the second shortest. X3


Thanks for reading! (: Smile today! (:


= What I Have On =
Top = hand me down fringed crop top, Styles for Less lace bandeau (inside)
Bottoms = hand-me down high waisted black shorts
Outerwear = gifted pleather jacket (from Taiwan)
Shoes = Forever21 black and silver sandals
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

Tumblr post for this entry: here

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