Smile! for [COD #48] Black and Blue Rulebreaker


Hello smileys! (: I hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer. I apologize for not posting as much for the past months. I spent a little more than a month in Taiwan and I’ve been catching up with projects, but I’m working on some things I’ll show you all soon! (:


You can’t wear navy blue and black together in an outfit. True or False? Absolutely false! I’ve also heard about the same thing with brown and black and that’s also absolutely false as well! I personally feel that it’s all in the textures, but I definitely think that black and blue is something that goes well together.


While I was in Taiwan, I’ve been really interested in their different fashion styles and boy is there a lot of it. Night markets and street-side shops full of clothes are just everywhere! When I found this hat at a thrift store, I felt like I just desperately wanted to wear it with something that was inspired from men’s fashion and what is a good way to incorporate that? My answer? Suspenders! (: Adding brownie points that they’re attachable suspenders on high-waisted shorts with the cutest scallop hem! Thank you Taiwan!


Thanks for reading! (: Smile today! (:


= What I Have On =
Top = Styles for Less navy blue tank top
Bottoms = black high-waisted shorts with attachable suspenders
Outerwear = CottonOn blazer
Accessories = brown and black thrifted cap
Shoes = Forever21 black and silver sandals
Pictures taken by Thomas Liu

Tumblr post for this entry: here

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