Smile! for [COD #42] Disneybound March Challenge Day 28

Disneybound is a blog run by Leslie, a fantastically visioned individual, who posts inspirational (to say the least) outfit ideas that are inspired from Disney characters. Due to a follower who challenged herself last year to Disneybound (v. the action of dressing up in a way that is inspired from something related to Disney) every […]

Smile! for [Nail Tutorial] Disney Princess: Week 5

What time is it? Princess nails time! (: This week our focus is going to be on Cinderella inspired nails! Step 1: Apply a base coat. If you don’t own base coat, then use clear polish because it’s better than nothing. Step 2: Create fat lines of periwinkle/lavender on your nails, but not all the […]