Smile! for [Haul] November 2011 Black Friday Edition

Black Friday and Cyber Monday just finished! (: Did you guys buy anything? Hopefully you weren’t a part of that pepper spraying for Xbox 360’s that I heard about at that Walmart in LA. Jeebeeies, that’s pretty scary! On a much brighter note, this year was the first year that I participated in the Black […]

Smile! for [Haul] October 2011

So since I don’t really buy many pieces every time I go shopping, I figured that sharing my hauls every week or every month would be better, so let’s try this out! …Usually I spend it on food. (Cue the corny cartoonish, innocent smile, complete with the sound effect ding!) Although, I’ll figure out a […]

Smile! for [Nail Polish] Target Haul and Review

That’s quite a wordy title..isn’t it? I apologize! I’ll try to make them more interesting! Recently, I went to Target and acquired nail polish! (: Here they are! -insert jazz hands- [Haul and Review] The total for all three of these was a little under $10.50, which I don’t mind since normally the nail polish […]